Burn Season is Closed!

Each summer, when conditions of fire hazard exist, the State Forester will declare fire
season to be in effect. Because conditions vary across the state, each Oregon Department
of Forestry protection district will declare fire season separately. The declaration
of fire season affects forest and other commercial operations as well the general

General Public
Debris burning is prohibited. Call your local ODF office or Siletz Valley Fire for more information. 
The use of exploding targets and tracer ammunition is prohibited.

All burn permits issued by Siletz Valley Fire are no longer valid. Permits will be issued again this fall in accordance with ODF regulations. 

Warming/cooking fires will be permitted and do not require a burn permit. A warming fire is defined as a pile no bigger than 3 feet by 3 feet in an enclosed area (like a burn pile or pit) and strictly for recreation. The fire must be attended at all times, be located 10 feet away from any structures, fences, or trees and water and a hand tool must be readily available. 

Industrial Operations
Fire season equipment requirements are in effect.
Industrial Fire Precaution Levels (IFPL).
Smoking is prohibited while working in or traveling through any operation area.
The use of fuse and caps for blasting is prohibited, unless approved by the forester.
Additional fire restrictions or regulations may apply to various fire risks throughout the fire season.
Fire Season shall remain in effect until terminated by an additional declaration of the State Forester that conditions
of fire hazard no longer exist.