Burn Permit


Winter rules are now in effectRegistering with the Siletz Fire District is required for burn piles inside the Fire District. Burn piles that occur outside the district boundaries require a permit from the Oregon Department of Forestry (Toledo Office: 541-336-2273). Slash burning or field clearing requires a permit from the Oregon Department of Forestry as well, regardless of its location.

To register, please submit the required information listed below. Submission of your registration is all that is required for your standard burn permit for the year.

Registration means that burning piles of CLEAN yard debris only is now approved for the remainder of this burning season.

·         Burn piles must be clean natural vegetation and cannot be any larger than 4’x4’x4’

·         No trash, treated lumber products or other materials may be burned

·         Fires must be at least 10’ away from any other structures, fences, or other flammable materials

·         Area surrounding the fire must be clean, with trimmed grass and free from shrubs

·         A shovel or hand tool must be in close proximity

·         A water source must be readily available and near the pile. A hose is preferred, however, 10 gallons of water or a fire extinguisher will suffice

·         Approved Burn Barrels with a screen on top to prevent burning embers may be used

·         Fire must be attended at all times

·         Fire must be extinguished by sunset

·         Fires that produce large amounts of smoke or nauseous smells that travel towards neighbors, and result in complaints, must be extinguished


Recreational fires are defined as warming fires and cooking fires in an approved burn pit no more than 3’ by 3’ are allowed at night and year-round, unless a temporary ban is implemented due to extreme fire conditions or high air pollution levels. All other rules listed above are required on recreational fires. 


Burn permits are not required for recreational fires.


Household Trash, Kitchen Waste, Plastics, Rubber, Petroleum, metals, asbestos, and Animal Waste are prohibited from being burned. (OAR 340-264-0060). Failure to follow this rule may result in serious fines from multiple organizations, including Siletz Valley Fire District, Oregon Department of Forestry, and the Environmental Protection Agency.


Failure to follow any of the guidelines above, or failure to gain a permit prior to burning, may result in fines. First offenses will receive a warning and a one month burn ban. Second offense will result in a fine up to $200 dollars and a burn ban for the remainder of the year. Fires that spread to occupancies will be billed in accordance to rates set by the Oregon State Fire Marshal’s Office.


Be a good neighbor and burn safely. Thank you for your cooperation.

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